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> Some random ideas for students / mentors about this project:
> - Adapt "The Wikipedia Adventure" to wikidata
> - create a survey for admins of MW instances to know which Wikibase
> Repository features are needed for them to use it (list of active wikis can
> be found on Identify needs, characterize *their*
> needed Minimum Viable Product
> - migration guides for MediaWiki users
> - infographics
> - main page redesign (example:
> - video walkthroughs for specific tasks

How can Mediawiki Home Page redesign be helpful for Wikidata Outreach.  I mean
all we can to is to include all the projects of Wikimedia foundation powered by
Mediawiki on the main page of Mediawiki, but that will be equally for all the
projects. How can this hepl us with Wikidata Outreach?

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