--- Comment #10 from Tony Thomas <> ---
(In reply to Robinson Tryon from comment #2)
> 1) install mediawiki
> 2) Create accounts 'foo' and 'bar' (with full names 'Foobie Fool' and
> 'Barbie Barn', respectively). Make sure they have associated email addresses
> so that they may get notifications. Do *not* create User:xxx pages for them.
> 3) Log-in as 'foo' and create page /Test (automagically watching that page)
> 4) Log-in as 'bar' and edit page /Test
> Result:
> User foo will receive a notification email as described in my previous
> comment, with what looks like incorrect/missing variable substitution (?).

I cannot reproduce this bug. Looks like its fixed already. The email notif I
got in the above scenario contained the Name perfectly. 
Note that I had given the Full name field completely for both the users.

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