--- Comment #3 from Brad Jorsch <> ---
Thanks for that, now I see where to look in the code.

NewRevisionFromEditComplete looks like it'd probably be a good hook to use
since it seems to be called from a few other relevant code paths too that
directly insert the revision. Unfortunately, it also looks like you're right
that we'd need to add some sort of flagging to the hook (although that seems a
bit "ugh" to me considering every other caller would probably have to fake it),
or else fix ChangeTags::addTags so that calling ChangeTags::addTags( $tags,
null, $rev_id, null ) then ChangeTags::addTags( $tags, $rc_id, $rev_id, $log_id
) will update the change_tag table with the $rc_id and $log_id instead of just
completely ignoring the second call.

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