--- Comment #10 from Dan Garry <> ---
(In reply to Scott Martin from comment #9)
> Yes, I saw what Dan said (and I know very well what WONTFIX means). His
> comment seemed to imply to me that Commons was already using CirrusSearch
> and the bug still existed in it. If the bug exists in some other element of
> the infrastructure that will soon be replaced, then that's fine.

My apologies. I wasn't very clear in my original comment.

Commons is still using LuceneSearch as its default search. I can reproduce the
"result" bug in comment 7 using the provided URL.

However, Commons has CirrusSearch enabled as a Beta Feature. This means that
users can, on a user-by-user basis, switch over to using CirrusSearch instead
by ticking the "New search" box in their Beta preferences. I unticked the box
to reproduce the bug above. If I tick the box again, and use CirrusSearch
instead, I am unable to reproduce this bug in CirrusSearch.

I'm WONTFIXing this because we're in the process of (gradually) rolling out
CirrusSearch to be the default on all wikis, so since this bug is fixed in
CirrusSearch our time is better spent improving CirrusSearch rather than fixing
LuceneSearch bugs.

Some wikis, such as all Wikivoyages, are already using CirrusSearch as the
default search engine [1]. While we iron out bugs, we've got most wikis set to
have CirrusSearch as a Beta Feature, so if there are any game breaking bugs
then people can turn off CirrusSearch really easily. A few unfortunate wikis
still use LuceneSearch and don't have the Beta Feature enabled, though this is
entirely due to technical reasons related to the server cluster that handles
search not being able to support CirrusSearch being turned on everywhere yet.

Hopefully this helps explain the situation. Let me know if you have any

[1]: It's still possible to use Lucene on these wikis by appending
&srbackend=LuceneSearch to the end of a search URL, though I have no idea why
the end user would actually wish to do that.

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