--- Comment #11 from Eduard Braun <> ---
Could this be considered for an increased priority? I think tis would
substantially increase the interaction possibilities between translators and
therefore increase overall translation quality.

I just experienced an exemplary case:
- I made a new translation with a small change compared to source language
  (since this would have been uncommon in the target language).
- Another user changed it to fit source language again not knowing my intention
  (due to the lack of an edit summary)
- I didn't like the changed version and translated again in a different way
  (at this point not realizing the valid intention of the other user)
- In the end the other user contacted me on my talk page and told me why the
  translation was changed the way it was changed.
- I then saw the issue with my initial translation and was able to finally fix
  it in a satisfactory way
If there would have been edit summaries probably after the second edit the
translation would have been finished without ever having to discuss it on my
talk page.

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