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Springle wrote at

This one still seems dangerous to me :-) I understand the reason for the
change, however please do also consider:

1. Have we done any real profiling of the new query forms against the
production dataset? I'd really like to see how much of an impact this has on
data and index disk usage, and more importantly on runtime memory usage. Happy
to do this if a Dev can generate a few thousand samples of each query type...

2. Would it be wise to keep a numeric entity id field as an interim step on the
wikidata production dataset, so we can fail back if needs be? Ie, treat this as
a denormalization step (which is /all it is/ for now) until #1 is assured? That
might even make the migration less painful.

3. VARBINARY(255) smells like an arbitrary size choice :-) Variable field
widths really start to matter for large datasets as the server must convert it
to fixed-width BINARY while working. If the choice /was/ arbitrary, can we
arbitrarily choose to make this smaller from the get go?

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