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> First things first, and the first thing is Umang's evaluation. Could you
> point to annoying litle bugs or other bug reports that he could work on to
> show off his skills? Thank you.

One possible task (this is a bit harder then most easy bugs, but only one i
could think of off the top of my head) is to change max size handling code.
Currently it is in the validateParam method. Instead max Size should be
returned from its own method in MediaHandler, which should be checked from

This way it would be cleaner to override, could be discarded for instant
commons, and could have its own error message instead of the current useless
generic one.

Other possibly easy bugs: gwtoolset blacklist to strict, gwtoolset doesnt
normalize unicode (run Utf::cleanUp() on input from xml file)

All these have bug numbers, but not sure atm.

> PS: also wondering, is it worth to contact the Blender team to see whether
> they would like to (co-)mentor? The Blender Foundation is also participating
> in GSoC 2014. I have no idea about this feature and its relation to Blender,
> but here is the thought.

Its looks like it wont even be blenders format.

Personally this seems about as much to do with blender as say our png
thumbnailing code has to do with gimp (that is just very tagentially).

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