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To clarify (sorry for not doing so originally, i was in a rush), first issue is
a combination of bug 62306 and bug 32387. This is currently assigned to gilles
(which i didnt realize when mentioning it), so he might already be working on
it (or might not, its been assigned for a while. Would have to ask him). Note
that bug isnt that hard to code once you know what to do (although still a bit
harder than average "easy" bug), but its not immediatly obvious what needs to
be done. Anyways what im trying to say is if you want to tackle that bug, youre
almost certainly going to need to ask for guidance, so dont be afraid to.

The other two are a bit simpler albeit not as closely related to your project.
You may want to start trying with them They are bug 62909 and bug 62870. The
hardest part of those bugs will probably be actually testing gwtoolset to see
if your change worked, and dealing with the somewhat different coding
conventions the extension uses.

Sorry i cant think of any simpler open multimedia related bugs.

Actually super simple open bug you could do - new special page that was just
added named Special:ListDuplicateFiles uses the wfMessage() function where it
should use $this->msg( ...) instead. Thats not all that related to your
project, but it is multimedia related and should be an easy first commit.

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