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(In reply to Erik Zachte from comment #2)
> Lydia, can you please explain in more detail what this is about? The link
> above just points to some structured data file, without any further
> explanation. Is this a data dump for one article? Just guessing.

Yes. is part of wikidata's linked data
interface. Basically,<id>[.<format>] URLs
allow access to the machine readable description of an entity in the given
format. If the format is not given, content negotiation is applied.

In the end, these URLs are resolved to a redirect (303 and/or 302) to
wiki/Special:EntityData with the appropriate parameters. E.g. the example above
results in a redirect to

I suppose that is already counted, but only as a single count, not for each

> Statistics split by format. Do I understand correctly you want as many
> monthly totals as there are formats, no further granularity (I hope so).

From Lydia's original description, I gather that we are not interested in
per-entity counters, but only per format. Considering that the format is not
always given explicitly in the original URL, it woud probably be easiest to
look at requests for wiki/Special:EntityData/*.<format> and base the statistics
on that.

> Where to find those numbers? Is there a table or api log which stores api
> requests, that you know of? Or should we be look at general traffic logs?

That's our question to you (and Dario, I guess). But this has nothing to do
with the API. This is a special purpose URL path that gets resolved to a
special page. So I guess looking at the general purpose web logs should work.

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