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--- Comment #3 from Brad Jorsch <> ---
This does not seem to be an issue in ContentHandler, as the following produces
expected output (using 1.23wmf17 as deployed on enwiki):

 $title = Title::newFromText("Foo");
 $revision = Revision::newFromTitle( $title, false, Revision::READ_NORMAL );
 $content = $revision->getContent( Revision::RAW );
 $parserOutput = $content->getParserOutput( $title, $revision->getId(), null,
true );
 echo $parserOutput->getText();

When var_dumping the $parserOutput object, I see nothing that remotely
resembles the output that you are claiming your test returns (no field in the
object contains wikitext), so I further doubt this has anything to do with
MediaWiki core.

I don't see "SMW\Test\SimplePageRedirectRegressionTest" anywhere, so I can't
comment on what it or the code it is testing might be doing. Although if Gerrit
change 105829 is related, I can guess that you may be using some hook inside
$wgParser->parse() to try to grab the wikitext being parsed for use later.

Absent further details, this bug should probably be reassigned to the
appropriate extension.

--- Comment #4 from Daniel Kinzler <> ---
Note that getParserOutput()->getText() will return the rendered HTML of the

There is no reason we should assume or insist that for a redirect, it will
contain #REDIRECT. In fact, it would be perfectly sensible for it to return the
HTML you are seeing when viewing a redirect with redirect=no: basically, a link
to the redirect target, and an icon. 

Also, for content models other than wikitext, redirects my be defined in some
other way; #REDIRECT is used for wikitext only.

Marking as invalid since the expectation that rendered HTML contain #REDIRECT
is unfounded.

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