--- Comment #15 from Matthias Mullie <> ---
Well, I don't know here... Seeing that log entry is to be expected according to
how we implemented things.

It looks like the thing that got suppressed was the topic title. You're seeing
a log entry for a comment (that was not suppressed - I guess) on that topic,
with the topic name replaced by a message that it's suppressed.

That message should indeed be fixed to display the real username (actually, I
think a fix of that has recently been submitted - I'll check that out).

As for if the log entry should actually be displayed: I don't know. Right now,
suppressing a topic title only suppressed exactly that; all posts in the topic
are left untouched (same for suppressing a post that has replies - those
replies are left alone)

Should suppressing a topic title suppress everything within that topic (and
suppressing a post suppress all child replies), or not?
Or should we build something new to make both possible?

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