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aharoni    DanielK_WMDE__: do you have any idea about ?
aharoni    I tried to add a label in rwr and got the error: "Unrecognized value
for parameter 'language': rwr"
aharoni    The question is: where do the valid values for this parameter come
DanielK_WMDE__    aharoni: Language::fetchLanguageNames()
DanielK_WMDE__    that's where we get the valid language codes from
aharoni    DanielK_WMDE__: Thanks. How hard would it be to enhance it to
include more eligible languages?
aharoni    maybe an array constant?
DanielK_WMDE__    aharoni: the only constraint we have is that we need to be
able to instantiate a Language object.
aharoni    aha. ok.
DanielK_WMDE__    so, we only support languages that work as interfrace
aharoni    hmm. problem.
DanielK_WMDE__    aharoni: it might be sufficient to add it to
wgExtraLanguages. but i'm not sure that makes it work as an interface language.
DanielK_WMDE__    aharoni: Language::fetchLanguageNames actually considers
$wgExtraLanguageNames. I have no idea how that works with Language::factory.
DanielK_WMDE__    aharoni: maybe adding to code to $wgDummyLanguageCodes too
would fix it.

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