--- Comment #3 from Brad Jorsch <> ---
There has been some discussion (although I don't remember if any of it was
public rather than just people talking to me) about reworking the default
auto-generated help page to be actual HTML rather than the weird HTML/text/XML
hybrid that it is now.

The general idea would be that the landing page would give some general
information and list the action modules as links somehow or other, and clicking
the link for one would give you the help for just that module (and something
like action=query would have the same setup for its submodules). There would
also be a one-huge-page mode for printing or Ctrl-F searching.

This would, of course, probably require some changes to the architecture of the
existing API modules, to the point where it's probably something of a big
project. And for maximum benefit it would ideally be integrated into i18n of
the API so the help could be generated in non-English languages, which is
itself a big project. These sorts of API-related projects may be my next
project to work on.

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