--- Comment #7 from Xiangquan Xiao <> ---
(In reply to David Chan from comment #6)
> Thanks Xiangquan, that's an extremely good start!
> When you submit to gerrit, I'll post more detailed comments there.
> Be sure to put 'Bug: 63122' (without quotes) in your commit message, on a
> line of its own, immediately above the change ID, with no extra whitespace.
> Then gerrit will post comments automatically to this bug.

Hi, I want to make something clear.

1. Do we need a seperate function, like detectChineseTofu(), just as I did in
the previous patch? If so, in which scene will it be called?

2. Or it's an improvement on the old detectTofu() to make it applicable to
Chinese. If so, may I just cover the old solution, as the new one (comparing
image) will work for almost all languages. Though it's slower than only
comparing widths and heights, a unified solution looks much simpler.

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