--- Comment #1 from Antoine "hashar" Musso <> ---
Forgot to mail about it but indeed the debian-glue jobs are broken.  The reason
is that I deleted the instance in pmtpa labs and the jobs are now running on
eqiad instances.

The eqiad instances /var is a 2GB partition and cowbuilder does not have enough
disk space to create its image under /var/cache/pbuilder/ .

I made a bunch of patches in operations/puppet.git to have the default
cowbuilder images under /mnt/, regardless jenkins-debian-glue scripts hardcode
/var/cache/pbuilder everywhere.

The real fix would be:

- ensure /mnt/ is a mount
- create a directory /mnt/pbuilder/
- get /var/cache/pbuilder/ deleted and replace it with a symlink to

Moaar puppet tricks needed.  Sorry to have broken the job, will definitely
attempt to get it fixed next week.

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