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(In reply to Jarek Tuszynski from comment #8)
> Rencontres_Wikim%C3%A9dia_et_%C3%89ducation_2012_-
> _De_la_production_a%CC%80_l--39-
> utilisation_de_ressources_e%CC%81ducatives_libres_-_-1.webm.webm is another
> file that seem the have the same issue. Can someone fix  or delete this file?

I don't have filemover rights to move the file. However someone with filemover
or admin rights, and some knowledge of the api can fix these files by using the
API action=move module, and the fromid parameter (fromid takes the page id
number. This is the same as the curid parameter on normal requests). Similarly
they are deletable from the API too (Actually for deletion its possible via the
normal web interface, but you need to do fancy stuff with something like
firebug to add curid to the POST parameters of the confirmation screen)

The id for File:Rencontres Wikimédia et Éducation 2012 - De la production à
l--39-utilisation de ressources éducatives libres - -1.webm.webm ( ) is 31747120.

Interestingly enough, for that title, the first é and É are fine, its the last
two à and é that are the issue.


Until the patch for this bug gets reviewed and deployed to commons (which
should happen quite soon), may I suggest converting XML files to NFC before
uploading them to gwtoolset. On linux if you have the libicu-dev package
installed you can do this with the command

 uconv -x any-NFC -o output.xml input.xml

(I have no idea how to do this on other operating systems)

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