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Hi, i think that the idea of the "lisätyylit" is to add css inline rules to div
and stuff after that is to end css-rules and add some table attributes. However
it has never worked because there is div element and not table. It also broke
resulting html-code even it seemed to work.

Reason why visual editor broke is the mismatching doublequotes in expanded
template result (in lisätyyli param: '... both" cellpadding="2"

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<div class="NavFrame " style=" margin: auto; background-color: #ffffff; border:
1px #aaaaaa solid; margin: 0.5em auto auto auto; width: 600px; text-align:
center; font-size: 95%; clear: both;; background-color: #FFFFFF; color:
#000000; width: auto;"><div class="NavHead"
style="display:block;text-align:center;background-color: #F3D161;">
-- Clip --

I fixed some templates with this change and my guess that all of F1-templates
can be fixed with same way: 

However there seems to be little delay before change can be seen in visual
editor after template is fixed and i could not find any way to purge visual
editors cache. 

If it ok for stryn i think that this bug can be closed.

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