--- Comment #8 from John F. Lewis <> ---
Vogone asked me to test something on my Wikibase repo and the results were...
interesting to say the least. I have four users.

User A is an administrator and bureaucrat. This user can edit a sysop protected
item with no issue.

User B is sysop only. This user can not edit a sysop protected item.

User C is an administrator and 'adminguy' (my dupe sysop group), they can edit
the sysop protected item.

User D is an 'adminguy' only. This user *can* edit a sysop protected item.

Therefore, I am making a weird conclusion that the only thing stopping sysops
editing a sysop protected item is because they are a sysop (with the group name
'sysop' specifically). Global sysops on Wikimedia can edit sysop protected
items because they are either a) not a local admin or b) not a 'sysop' only.

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