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--- Comment #3 from Yair Rand <> ---
I recommend having the button below the text in these cases instead of above.
The text data should be more prominent than the interaction button, and it
should also make clear that the header itself is not among those parts that
will be sorted.

The relevant file that needs changing is resources / jquery /
jquery.tablesorter.css . If Timeshifter's proposed syntax would be used, the
added code would be roughly something like this:
  table.jquery-tablesorter[sort-button="bottom"] th.headerSort {
    background-position: bottom 3px center;
    padding-right: 0.2em;
    padding-bottom: 12px;
, perhaps with some fallback for the crummy browsers. However, using an
attribute to change CSS is probably not a good idea. I suggest using a simple
CSS class (perhaps "headerSortVerticalPosition" or something) to change it, and
have it applied to the <th> itself, rather than the entire table, so as to
allow different positioning per button/header (making the selector be something
like table.jquery-tablesorter th.headerSort.headerSortVerticalPosition).

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