--- Comment #29 from Lupo <> 2010-03-16 07:07:20 UTC ---
Of course it's a hacky work-around that tries to shoehorn array-valued GPS data
into the broken current stored metadata format, which doesn't have array-valued

Maybe I'm missing something, but I think we cannot change the stored metadata
format. (And that's independent of Tim's worry about metadata being recomputed
from the file if Exif::version changes.) If we change the format of the stored
metadata, we'll break Exif display all older MW installations that get served
the new format (e.g. through InstantCommons), but that don't know that new
format yet. Even if we changed BitmapHandler and Exif::formatData to understand
both the old and the new format, there would still be old installations out
there not having that change. See

With the current format, I don't see a way to correctly handle the more
esoteric array-valued Exif fields such as the white point or YCbCrSubSampling.
But at least we could fix it for the most visible cases: the GPS attributes.
Incidentally, I've only seen complaints about GPS data not being handled
correctly, but so far I've not seen a single complaint about missing white
point data.

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