--- Comment #18 from Krinkle <> ---
(In reply to Roan Kattouw from comment #7)
> (In reply to comment #5)
> > Roan, can you take a peek at this patch and confirm it would not cause
> > compatibility problems?
> Compat problems are entirely on the client side, per comment #6, and it's
> far from crazy to suspect people wrote code that relies on this specific
> output format. For that reason, this would probably have to be announced as
> a breaking change, and I'm very wary of making breaking changes (or changes
> that could be breaking) for aesthetic reasons.

(In reply to Max Semenik from comment #13)
> I concur with Roan and Bryan, b/c sucks but breaking it sucks even more.

How would ensuring there is always query/pages a breaking change?

I can imagine a client not explicitly checking the presence of every property
(is an API after all, the point is to not have to double check every thing, the
root structure should always be in place), in which case this patch fixes that.

But I can't imagine explicitly checking and relying on the the absence of the
structure. Roan/Bryan/Max: Please provide a little more details on that use
case, this doesn't sound realistic to me and not a breaking change.

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