--- Comment #12 from Sean Pringle <> ---
I am testing MariaDB 5.5.36 on db1034 with a patch to add a
innodb_min_scan_time variable which allows ha_innodb::scan_time to be
controlled, and by extension the apparent cost of an index scan (InnoDB tables
scans are index scans on the clustered primary key). Historically this sort of
thing could be done with MyISAM and max_seeks_for_key, but that isn't so
effective for InnoDB.

SpecialWhatLinksHere::showIndirectLinks queries on skewed data is one group of
the queries this setting helps. Also likely a number of other queries using
FORCE INDEX could benefit too. So far no adverse impact on other traffic or
disk IO patterns.

Not necessarily a reason to abandon Aaron's patch; just an update because the
patch is blocked on a schema change that won't be scheduled until after the
TechOps meet.

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