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           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|CentralAuth messages not    |CentralAuth messages not
                   |loaded on                   |loaded on
                   |deployment.wikimedia.beta.w |*.wikimedia.beta.wmflabs.or
                   |                  |g

--- Comment #4 from Siebrand Mazeland <> ---
I've double checked the i18n configuration of CentralAuth, because it was
recently migrated to use JSON i18n (along with all other MediaWiki extensions
used at Wikimedia). It looks just fine:

* There's a folder i18n/ with en.json in it.
* There a line "$wgMessagesDirs['SpecialCentralAuth'] = __DIR__ . '/i18n';" in

I checked other sites on "". These sites also miss
messages for CentralAuth (as observed by seeing "<centralauth-desc>" on

No other extensions appear to be missing their description message on
Special:Version of *

Suspecting this is some kind of localisation cache rebuild glitch, in my
opinion the first thing that should be done is a rebuild of the localisation

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