--- Comment #16 from Ryan Kaldari <> ---
> Which first requires showing linguistic evidence of what grammatical
> consequences the option/category in question would have, in order to
> define what {{GENDER}} would need to show, then at what conditions, then
> with what syntax, and only finally with what code...

None of the genders that are made available by Language::gender are required to
be used. They are just options that are available to {{GENDER}} if needed. If
we left the order of the existing values intact, we could launch new genders
without changing any i18n messages.

The current behavior of Language::gender is rather awkward though (as the
default changes based on the number of parameters). If 1 or 2 parameters are
specified, the first parameter is the default. If 3 parameters are specified,
the 3rd parameter becomes the default. It would be much more intuitive if the
first parameter was always the default:
{{GENDER|unknown/generic masculine|specified feminine|specified

I'm just curious if the i18n engineers would be open to fixing this in the

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