--- Comment #7 from Maryana Pinchuk <> ---
Wooo, this is getting even more confusing. Okay, so here's the current behavior
with these new patches:

1) If I'm an oversighter, I can suppress other users' Flow entries. This shows
up in my contributions (with a strikethrough) when I'm looking at my contribs
with my oversighter privileges <- if I understand you correctly, Dan, this is
not feature parity with mediawiki, but it's not a huge deal because it *is* a
legit contribution, and users without oversighter privileges can't see this in
my contribs.

2) If I'm not an oversighter, I can't see anything that's been suppressed in
Special:Contribs at all, whether those are my contributions or another users'

But! On ee-flow wiki, as a non-oversighter, I do see a placeholder that
something has been suppressed in the contribs of a user who's had a main
namespace (non-Flow) revision oversighted. (E.g., the second contrib from the
top here: Not
sure if this is because we have ee-flow configured differently from enwiki or

So I'm even more confused now. Which of these is the expected behavior?

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