--- Comment #8 from Guglani <> ---
suggestions/notes for developer to achieve solution :
1. key stroke n+g in quick succession may render hexadecimel code 0A19 for
gurmukhi letter ghangha ਙ
2.less used in text key @ or any other suitable spare key may render hex code
0A5E for representing gurmukhi letter  pha ਫ਼ 
3.hex code 003F should be dropped from presetly being rendered additionaly in
following keys:
A.key fullstop . should render  hex code OA3C only to output nukta ਼
B. key back tick   `   should render hex code 0A4D only to represent viram 
C. key ~ should render hex code 0A71 only to represet adak  ੱ
Additional suggestion to another related rendering problem:
Key e+i in quick succession should render hex code 0A07 to represent Gurmukhi
character   ਇ to solve problems of browser change which results presently from
splitting the character into two parts  ੲ and ਿ.

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