--- Comment #25 from Chris Steipp <> ---
I was finally able to reproduce the segfault on a new vagrant instance. The
steps to reproduce it are below.

But since I was able to accurately test the fixes:
* gerrit 121697 fixes the issue. Memory use (as reported by phpunit) increased
from 596.75Mb to 610.25Mb without the gc running.
* Adding the patch to phpunit.php (gerrit 123146) also fixed the issue, and
memory use stayed at 596.75Mb

So I'm guessing we should go with gerrit 123146, since that seems to prevent
using any extra memory during the test runs?


Install mediawiki vagrant:
$ git clone
$ cd vagrant
$ vagrant up

ssh into the instance and:

# get all the packages needed to run all of the databaseless tests
$ sudo apt-get install djvulibre-bin php5-tidy

$ mkdir /srv/deployment
$ mkdir /srv/deployment/integration
$ mkdir /srv/deployment/src
$ mkdir /srv/deployment/src/mediawiki/
$ chown -R vagrant:vagrant /srv/deployment

$ cd /srv/deployment/integration
$ git clone
$ ln -s /vagrant/mediawiki /srv/deployment/src/mediawiki/core

$ cd ~
$ git clone
$ ln -s /home/vagrant/jenkins /srv/deployment/integration/slave-scripts

# Everything is now setup enough like jenkins that the
# integration/jenkins scripts will run

# Checkout the patch causing the segfault
$ cd /vagrant/mediawiki
$ git fetch
refs/changes/45/77645/28 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD

# Run everything like Jenkins does
$ cd ~/jenkins/bin
$ export WORKSPACE=/srv/deployment
$ ./
$ ./ databaseless

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