--- Comment #6 from Peter Bena <> ---
(In reply to se4598 from comment #4)
> {{ #time: F }} / {{ #time: F Y}} could be used in the meantime

(In reply to Brad Jorsch from comment #5)
> (In reply to Peter Bena from comment #1)
> > mediawiki would need to
> > have something like {{subst:Month}} or something for this to work properly
> Such as {{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}}? Or {{subst:#time:F Y}}, as se4598
> suggested?

When I think of that, it wouldn't work as huggle is required to merge the new
warning in existing section if section with current month already exist. In
order to do that it needs to check current month name against the current
content of talk page, so if needs to know the name of month anyway.

If it was using subst, it would just result in creating multiple sections with
same month in this case

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