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On long lists autonumbering table rows means sorting any column takes longer.
Around a couple seconds to sort a column 800 rows long. This is true whether
using the easy CSS method or the hard CSS method (with every cell manually
added in).

I link to an example below of a table with around 800 rows. 

With autonumbering: 
Table from above-linked old revision has been copied to this sandbox after
converting to the easy CSS method:

Same table without autonumbering sorts faster: 

The initial click takes a couple seconds in all cases. Click again. 

I haven't been able to find a working JS method of autonumbering. Can someone
link to a table with JS doing the autonumbering. I want to see how fast it is. 

I have not seen any JS tables linked from previous comments that work for me.
Please point me to working JS I can copy to Shoutwiki, or to my personal user
JS on a wiki. So I can test it on some tables.

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