--- Comment #5 from Gilles Dubuc <> ---
That fact could be made clearer in OOjs's or a similar prominent
place. I'm not sure that Mark knew this caveat at the time he embarked our
project on the OOjs train. I think it would be very easy for another project to
miss that fact as well. Resources.php is a really odd place if it's the sole

Full support aside, the fix to this bug is simply renaming "super". Seems like
a quick win for potentially making Media Viewer available to more than 1 in 20
visitors who currently can't use it. I would have submitted a patch, but since
this is the name of an important feature in your framework, I'd rather let you
pick the new name.

I understand that advanced WYSIWIG VE stuff is hard to do in ES3 and older, so
ruling those browsers out for VE makes sense considering the effort/reward
ratio. But what OOjs provides doesn't seem to me like it justifies ignoring 5%+
of our visitors, particularly if you're pushing for foundation-wide use of that
framework (seems to be the reason why we ended up using it, anyway), since most
features developed by the foundation don't do things as advanced as VE where
older browsers are hard to support.

I'm pretty sure that this bug right here is the only thing preventing OOjs ES3
support, at least for the subset of OOjs features that Media Viewer is using. I
recall using Media Viewer fine in IE 6, 7 and 8 in January/February, which
seems consistent with the timeline, considering that the code triggering the
bug seems to have been introduced in March.

If you fix this, you'll be getting continuous free help from us as a consumer
of these frameworks when it comes to older IE support, because we'll be keeping
an eye on it and submitting bug reports and patches when issues arise.

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