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Let's take a step back: SSL's scaling & performance requirements and SPDY are
not things that can be discussed effectively in a BZ bug, I think. There's a
lot of work involved, some of which is documented under and other that is not

There is going to be most likely a quarterly SSL/SPDY goal with multiple people
involved as it spans multiple layers, involves some low-level C coding, has
cross-team dependencies etc. It's possible it may even span more than a quarter
— there is a lot of work needed to have a properly functioning, scalable

I think it's unlikely it's going to be in this coming quarter's goals, but the
priorities have not been set yet so nothing's definite — Gabriel, Ori, Roan and
others you're very much welcome to provide input to this process as it relates
to your team's goals (SOA, performance etc.) as it would certainly help us
prioritize it more effectively.

Such a project will result into multiple bug reports/RT issues and leaving this
open as a placeholder and master ticket is fine IMHO. I just don't think we can
effectively have such a large discussion here.

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