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Unfortunately, it isn't quite that simple. Vietnamese users expect IME-like
functionality, not just a keyboard layout. For instance, with the [[Telex
(IME)]] input method, "Vietje" should become "Việt", "truongwf" should become
"trường", and if you're indecisive enough, "masfsfsfsfrxj" should become "mạ".
"Wasshington" should become "Washington" rather than "Wáington" or "Wahíngton".

Much of this can be accomplished with regular expressions, but it might be
easier to shoehorn an existing Vietnamese IME into jquery.ime. AVIM.js is very
reliable and is available under an MIT license, but no one really understands
the core code. bogo.js [1] is much cleaner but much more limited and only
available under the MPL. Mudim [2] is a bit cleaner and is GPL2-licensed but
has its own limitations, like an input buffer (not ideal for Vietnamese) and
poor support for VIQR.

We'll definitely need support for a few input method-specific preferences,
particularly tone mark placement (xóa vs. xoá) and spelling rule enforcement
(Wahíngton vs. Washington).

AVIM works pretty well with VisualEditor and other features, so at the
Wikimedia wikis, the only real benefit to ULS integration would be getting an
IME on Special: pages. (The current workaround is to install a system IME or
browser extension, or to use a bookmarklet.) I wouldn't recommend adopting a
simplistic keyboard layout even as a stopgap measure, because then it'd be
forced upon the Vietnamese wikis and literally no one would want to use it.

Full disclosure: I maintain a Firefox extension based on AVIM.js [3], but these
comments are more from the perspective of a Vietnamese Wikipedian.


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