--- Comment #22 from Peter Bena <> ---
(In reply to Excirial from comment #19)
> I've been testing the new 1096 revision for a little bit now and so far the
> results are promising. After manually checked the warnings levels for the
> past 25 or so reverts i can say that all of them seem to be spot on so far.
> There is one thing i did notice, not sure if it is related:
> - On 16:21 today this edit was reverted by another user:
> php?title=Diary_of_a_Wimpy_Kid&diff=602436176&oldid=602436142
> - On 16:23 the IP editor blanks his talk page:
> 128&diff=602436421&oldid=602436180
> - On 16:25 the editor vandalized again and this time i reverted:
> php?title=Diary_of_a_Wimpy_Kid&diff=602436675&oldid=602436662
> Huggle did not place a warning though - instead this was displayed in the
> event log: 
> "wo 2. apr 16:25:12 2014  ERROR: Unable to deliver the message to
> Unknown error: articleexists" 
> I haven't seen this one before so i'm not sure if this is related to the
> latest changes or if this is something separate altogether.

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