--- Comment #7 from Thana <> 2010-03-18 04:13:23 UTC 
Could someone kindly remove comment #3? I did not mean to dump it there but was
rather trying to edit the patch which seems to have attached itself before I
clicked the submit. Very sorry about that.

(In reply to comment #6)
> I believe the patch would not work in IE. (as IE7 and lower don't support 
> after
> psuedo-element. no version of IE supports the last-child pseudo-selector, and
> safari 3 for windows also doesn't support last-child selector -
> ). Probably would degrade
> relativley gracefully though.

So if I understand correctly it would have an extra separator after the last
element. Didn't have IE handy to test with but I actually figured it would do
worse than that.

I think the key issue is being able to select and copy the content (list of
categories) with the cursor without getting the presentational bits.

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