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Created draft documentation schema here:

This outlines several clarification issues, including the semantic distinction
between Wikidata and Wikibase.  It seems clear that "Wikibase" represents the
code, yet there exist several mixed references (e.g. Wikidata/Data model).  It
may be important to distinguish the features between the different use cases
for Wikibase (i.e. for Wikidata or not, with MW Core or not) so that the
community understands that many of the key components of Wikibase (e.g.
DataValues) have no core dependencies. 

Installation documentation should be segmented into three separate areas. 
Also, Wikidata deployment should be characterized differently from Wikibase
Product Roadmap if they are to be considered separately.  Additionally, all
code components that are core independent should be designated as such in the

It seems sane to have all project related documentation in the Wikidata
namespace and all code related documentation in the Wikibase namespace.  Note,
however, that there is a lot of technical docs related to CI deployment of
Wikibase for Wikidata.  These materials should remain in a separate namespace
(Wikidata/Deployment), even though deployment is highly dependent on the CI
testing of Wikibase.

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