--- Comment #9 from Aryeh Gregor <> 2010-03-18 
16:24:35 UTC ---
This patch would fail pretty badly in IE < 8 -- the separators would not
appear.  Since IE < 8 is still such a large chunk of our viewers, this is an
unacceptable regression given the limited benefits.

I'm not convinced that separators should be part of CSS rather than content. 
I'm not even sure <ul> is best here.  Copy-paste into a WYSIWYG editor would be
pretty surprising -- currently you'd get roughly what you see, but using a
<ul>, it would magically transform into a bulleted list.  <ul> is normally used
for block-level lists, not inline lists.

Finally, please try to observe MediaWiki style conventions when submitting
patches.  Just imitating surrounding code would be a good start -- closing
brace is not indented, space between colon and property value.

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