--- Comment #11 from Bawolff (Brian Wolff) <> ---
d comment 0 says) "createbox". 
> Additionally, the example at [[mw:Extension:Inputbox#Parameters]] for
> forcing it to use "id=bar" (3rd up from bottom) doesn't seem to be working
> at all. (?)
> Sorry, I'm not familiar with php, and don't understand what your patchset
> will do!

I recently fixed (gerrit change 124132) a bug where some types of inputboxes
ignore the id parameter. Its not deployed to yet. In about a week
it should be. The search box was also still reusing ids in some situations,
comment 10 fixes that issue.
> I'm also not sure what the specific real-world repercussions are, for using
> an id more than once for multiple forms; I just know it's not valid HTML,
> and ''might'' cause problems somewhere. (Screenreaders? Just other scripts?).

Mostly a correctness issue. The biggest issue is for a search box with
namespaces checkboxes, if you click on the label text it should check the box,
this bug may prevent that from working sometimes. There is the possibility to
confuse some javascript (although probably would cause only minor problems).
Anyone validating our html, or using a strict XML parser (I don't even know if
our html is generally valid xml, so that may be a non-issue) would run into

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