--- Comment #24 from Frédéric Wang <> ---
So to be more accurate, I believe the real issue is that the heuristic forced
MathJax's "display mode". But because this "display mode" does not exist (yet)
in MediaWiki, Nageh added this displayAlign: "left" config to get MediaWiki's
default mode.

Moritz's plan was to generalize the math modes to have, inline/display (the
classical modes line in MathJax, TeX, MathML etc) and "inline displaystyle"
(MediaWiki's default). In his branch, the displayAlign: "left" was removed
because the display and centering/displaystyle stuff is done elsewhere in
MediaWiki. However, because it was hard to get review, he only merged changes
step-by-step and unfortunately displayAlign: "left" was removed before the
whole math modes are ready... So actually the only thing necessary for 119010
was to keep this heuristic and add this config option back.

But as Moritz said on the entry, he is willing to make progress on the new
modes and get his work merged, not only to fix bugs. Hopefully, we will recover
the desired rendering soon.

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