--- Comment #33 from Alexandros Kosiaris <> ---
Andre: There is sufficient enough data to know that yahoo (and yahoo alone)
enforces greylisting on emails sent to yahoo accounts. What happens is that
every few hours their system decides to temporarily fail messages from our
systems. After a couple of hours per the de facto standard this is lifted and
the messages get delivered en masse. This explains the delays described in this
email. As I have already said earlier, there are some (very generic) guidelines
yahoo provides for when sending email to their users. We do respect a lot of
these guidelines (in fact the very first one is to retry on temporary failure,
which we do). 

As far as how to get some progress on this, at this point the entire mail
system is being reworked on, upgraded (and becoming puppetized, which is a huge
plus) and it is expected that it will solve some of the problems the old system
has and have some better safeguards.

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