--- Comment #8 from Gerry Ashton <> ---
(In reply to denny vrandecic from comment #4)
> Here is how the UI should work as long as we support only proleptic
> Gregorian (G) and proleptic Julian (J) calendars:
> - when entering a date before 1581, it should understand that date as J (and
> display a not too obvious option to switch to G).

Gregory XIII decreed that 4 October 1582 be followed by 15 October 1582 and
this was the earliest the change was observed. If you want the default to be
governed only by the year, then Julian should be the default for years less
than 1582, rather than 1581 as stated in comment #4. This is probably best,
because dates are often given to a precision of one year.

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