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> RE: Aryeh Gregor "why would any caller call open() with an empty $user"
> ::open() is called when the class is instantiated. Is there anywhere I'm not
> finding that instantiates a database for any purpose without credentials? 

Wouldn't it be kind of pointless?  The MySQL code doesn't seem to have this
check.  I don't see why it's needed.  But it probably doesn't hurt anything.

> This LIMIT check is intentionally lax, since LimitToTopN() has a much more
> stringent parsing and stripping of the LIMIT/OFFSET clause and will return the
> SQL untouched if it doesn't match.


> On another note: Microsoft would like to see this mainlined (as would I :) )

At this point it seems like it should be okay to commit.  The bar isn't so high
for a new database driver, as long as it doesn't break anything else.  It's
easier to fix up the issues once it's committed anyway.  Did you say you had
commit access, or would you like someone else to commit it?

> and I realize that there will need to be some documentation on
> showing how to set up MS SQL Server, revealing the ntauth scenario etc., but
> don't want to cause confusion by people accidentally accessing these articles
> until it is released. How is documentation on future features typically
> handled?

There are templates that say what version things are available from. 
Documentation is usually added well before releases, when it's added at all.

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