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The relevant EXIF field seems to be Exif.GPSInfo.GPSImgDirection – it contains
the heading in degrees, which could be directly plugged into the location

There is also Exif.GPSInfo.GPSImgDirectionRef which can contain either "T" for
true north or "M" for magnetic north.

There are other similar fields, for example for the direction the camera was
physically moving to, but that's not what we want (think about shooting
sideways out of a moving car).

Note that the location template
( has two possible types
of syntax: One for decimal degrees and one for degrees-minutes-seconds (DMS)
kind of data – I'm not sure which one UW uses. Both of them have a parameter
for additional attributes (parameter 3 for decimal degrees, parameter 9 for
DMS) such as camera heading, region, etc. to be passed to GeoHack. This
parameter can potentially hold multiple key-value pairs separated by
underscores, but I think the only one that would be used by the UploadWizard
would be the heading.

In real life, templates would look like this:
{{Location|34.02427|-116.15830|heading:180}} for decimal degrees
{{Location|34|1|27.37|N|116|9|29.88|W|heading:180}} for DMS

Note that there is a colon between the "heading" and the "180", not a "=".

Hope that helps?

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