--- Comment #2 from Krinkle <> ---
(In reply to Antoine "hashar" Musso (WMF) from comment #1)
> Timo, I have unpooled integration-slave1009 since it is missing hhvm and
> left a note pointing to this bug. 

I'm not sure that's needed.

While integration-slave1006, 1007 and 1008 do have hhvm installed. None of them
run hhvm under the 'php' command. And we don't use hhvm anywhere yet in

Jobs using PHP are assigned to Precise slaves, not Trusty. Because that comes
with PHP 5.4/ PHP 5.5 which we don't want to use. Once we have hvvm installed
and php aliased to hhvm, we can start creating hhvm jobs but afaik
integration-slave1009 is equipped to be pooled. The others having hhvm is a
coincidence at this point, it's not part of the manifest yet afaik.

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