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> why not minute?

I'm afraid there is no single perfect solution. Currently I see three ways to
parse 47°42'0.00"N, 15°27'0.00"E:

1.) Parse as a number, not a string, ignore all trailing zeros and set the
precision to 1/60 (minute).

2.) Parse as a string, not a number, respect all trailing zeros and set the
precision to 1/360000 (1/100 of an arcsecond).

3.) This is what's currently happening: First, check the format. It's D°M'S".
We know the precision must be 1/3600 or higher for DMS. Now check the seconds.
There is no higher precision needed for zero seconds. Ok, stick with 1/3600.

Personally I think method 1 would be bad. We may think about switching from
method 3 to 2. I'm not sure. I think method 3 is ok. Again, if you think this
is an issue that should be resolved then please open a new bug report. Thanks.

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