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--- Comment #16 from Antoine "hashar" Musso (WMF) <> ---
<yuvipanda>     hashar: bah, typo on my end. it's 'keep_reports_minutes' (s
after report)

I have reedited the wiki page, ran puppet again:

 Notice: /Stage[main]/Puppetmaster::Scripts/Cron[removeoldreports]/command:
 command changed
     'find /var/lib/puppet/reports -type f -mmin +2160 -delete'
  to 'find /var/lib/puppet/reports -type f -mmin +360 -delete'

  # crontab -l -u puppet |egrep -v ^#
  27 0,8,16 * * * find /var/lib/puppet/reports -type f -mmin +360 -delete

That solves the issue for the 'integration' project.

I did the same for 'deployment-prep' (
) and it is all happy as well.

Thank you Yuvi!

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