--- Comment #17 from Nik Everett <> ---
(In reply to Brad Jorsch from comment #16)
> As for how the API code works in this situation, it instantiates two
> instances of ApiQueryPrefixSearch, and each instance runs the same code to
> get a list of titles:
>  $searcher = new TitlePrefixSearch;
>  $titles = $searcher->searchWithVariants( $search, $limit, $namespaces );
> The processing of that list of titles is different, but it should
> theoretically be the same titles in the list. What seems to be going on is
> that this code is not entirely deterministic.

That is why I originally WONTFIXED it.  Searches aren't deterministic because
the data changes under them.  lsearchd was _more_ deterministic than cirrus
because it changed slower and had fewer shards and replicas.  The list
shouldn't drastically change but it will change some.  How drastic are the

Also, are there things from the search results that you need that you can't get
by using it as a generator?  As in, if we allowed generators to return things
in order somehow would that be enough for you to only make a single call?

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