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Bug 32955 is now fixed, and I added it to the "See Also" area for this bug. I
also changed the priority of this from "Enhancement" to "Major", because the
feature already exists (storing URL's as property data), but it is essentially
non-working. Beyond that, Stefahn reported that attempting to use the feature
will cause a loss of the data, which would normally prompt me to assign
"Critical" priority.

I decided against "Critical" priority because the feature was essentially
non-working until today, when Bug 32955 was fixed (I haven't tested the fix
yet), so users would immediately notice the feature does not work, before
significant data could be lost. Note that none of these bugs will cause the
loss of existing data, because it's impossible to store it in the first place.
Thus, data losses do not occur unexpectedly, so the threat is as minimal as it
gets, as far as data loss is concerned (an immediately obvious failure to store
the data).

Now that Bug 32955 is fixed, I expect the next release of SMW will make it much
more likely the feature will be used, and data will be lost (at save time)
before users notice the problem (at query time). That could arguably create the
conditions to justify upgrading this bug to "Critical" importance. Ideally,
this bug would be fixed before the next SMW version is released.

For now, the only workaround available is to use URL shorteners. There are
MediaWiki extensions for producing them automatically, but they are beta
quality, and users report high dissatisfaction with them. SMW query URL's can
be gargantuan, and the usage of square brackets in the URL's makes it
impossible to share them as-is on forums that support BBCode (all modern
forums). SMW is desperately in need of an URL shortener feature, which has been
requested for other non-SMW uses of MediaWiki too: Bug 42085. I will request
the feature at GitHub:

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