--- Comment #2 from James Alexander <> ---
While it's true that there is a possibility that the top template could be a
bit more annoying for some (though not most) custom styling on a user page I
think the benefits will end up outweigh those downsides. The biggest thing is
that the template/marker can:

1. Be translated/localized meaning that the users will understand it where they
may not understand the long user page in 'not their language' and so putting it
on top is important so that they don't miss it or have to slog through a longer
harder to understand user page confused.

2. It's a long tail communication method, there will be a lot of people who
don't hear about this feature when we roll it out (most people, though most of
them won't use the feature often) and this allows them to learn about it
organically when they come across the feature.

3. The top position allows people to know this is global right away and make it
less likely that they try to engage on that project (where it's less likely
they will get a response) assuming it's a local account.

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