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--- Comment #1 from 2010-08-01 01:37:55 UTC ---
Thanks for the confirmation button, however there is much more to be desired!

The user still wonders, especially after reading the thread

"Well which of my settings are not the default?"

"Can I be allowed to examine a list and pick and choose which ones I
want to restore the defaults of?"

And, no one in their right mind would click on a link labeled "Restore all
default settings", as such links would likely blow away years of
customization, with no "receipt" as to what it blew away.
Only new users who think they have messed up their account would click on such
a button/link.

That there is a second window "You can use this page to reset your
preferences to the site defaults. This cannot be undone." is a nice
comfort to those who accidentally clicked the wrong button, but does
not help one bit for "first tell me just what non-defaults of mine are
we talking about, OK?"

And the link should then be renamed Examine/restore all default settings.
Or "compare mine and default settings" etc. etc. Something less threatening
than the current 'click of death' wording.

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