--- Comment #3 from 2010-08-01 01:55:27 UTC ---
> Should this be filed as another bug? Anyway the initial bug is fixed now.

Not so fast:

It seems today's "Restore all default settings" link would only act
upon the current #prefsection-3, #prefsection-4 etc. the user is
viewing, when in reality "when [the button] says all, it means ALL",
not just the ones in view, despite the users' guesses otherwise
[gotcha], unless he turns off your stylesheet. The second "confirm"
page doesn't mention the word "all" anymore too. However I do thank
you for not using a javascript "confirm" button, as e.g., I don't use

Anyways, back on the track of enhancing this command: another option
is when the user is viewing his preferences in everyday use, have the
non-defaults be marked. I mean you do mark which skin is the default,
so why aren't the others so marked? And/or have stars appear next to
the ones he has chosen that are not defaults...

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